Nancy A. Haug, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Los Gatos, California


Services Available

I work with youth and adults (ages 16 and over), who are seeking to make changes in their lives. My initial consultation with potential clients is via telephone at no charge. We can discuss what you are looking for in a therapist and decide if I am a good fit. I will ask you questions to ensure that I have the competencies to address your concerns. 

I provide an initial 90-minute intake evaluation to better understand your problems, symptoms, psychological history and cultural identities.

Ongoing psychotherapy typically involves weekly sessions of 50 minutes until your goals for treatment are accomplished. We may decide to have sessions more or less frequently depending on your needs. I will meet with you in my office in Los Gatos or via secure telecommunication technologies.

My treatment is informed by feedback obtained from symptom questionnaires which I administer at the beginning and periodically throughout the course of treatment. Research indicates that measuring progress leads to shorter therapy duration and better outcomes. Using a cognitive behavioral conceptualization, I create a comprehensive treatment plan with my clients based on their goals.

Insurance and Fees

I am a contracted provider for Lyra Clinical Associates and Modern Health. I am not currently in-network for other insurance companies. Please contact your insurer directly to inquire about eligibility restrictions and to determine their reimbursement policy for out-of-network providers. Many PPO insurance plans allow coverage for behavioral health services. Per your request, I can provide a “superbill” statement to submit to your insurance provider. 

My fees are determined by the services provided, collected at the time of service, and competitive with market rate of other psychologists in the Bay area. Please contact me directly to discuss services, fees and policies.

Good Faith Estimate (GFE)

You have the right to receive a “Good Faith Estimate” explaining how much your medical and mental health care will cost.

Under Section 2799B-6 of the Public Health Service Act, health care providers and health care facilities are required to inform individuals who are not enrolled in a plan or coverage or a Federal health care program, or not seeking to file a claim with their plan or coverage both orally and in writing of their ability, upon request or at the time of scheduling health care items and services, to receive a “Good Faith Estimate” of expected charges.

Under the law, health care providers need to give patients who do not have insurance or who are not using insurance an estimate of the expected charges for medical services, including psychotherapy services. If you are not using insurance, I will provide you with a personalized Good Faith Estimate at the beginning of our therapy and as soon as practicably possible.

For questions or more information about your right to a Good Faith Estimate, visit or call (800) 368-1019.

CA Consumer Guide to Psychological Services

The California Board of Psychology publishes this brochure, which explains clients’ rights, provides guidance for choosing a psychologist, and defines the role of a psychologist.